Arte Latino: Benny Lee – Cumbia

National Cumbia Champion Benny Lee and her partner show us a cumbia combination!!

Some notable accomplishments in his trajectory are:

– 5 year Folklórico Dancing in Monterrey, Mexico

– In 1998 obtained 1st place at Intermodel, Reynosa, Mexico from here he was invited to participate in Televisa’s Ballet

– Orange Bowl at El Paso, Texas with the Folkloric Ballet of mission high performing for 50,000 attendants.

– Univision Control dancer for Chayanne

– Cumbia Champion Así se Baila Banda in Estado de México 2008

– Pharr champion at West Cumbia at McAllen tx 2010

– Champion at Cumbia Texans Pharr West

– Champion at Rodeo 2009 in Monterey, Mexico

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