Rivalries and Confrontation between Dance Studios

With Yamulee and Vlad y Cindy

When I started dancing I believed everything was magical, everyone wanted to teach me new moves and invited me to practice with their team, as I started improving a little more the dance scene started to look a little different than before, I started noticing little unspoken confrontations, drama and lack of support from studios, organizers and people to certain events.

Why did this happen? Don’t we all love to dance and have fun? Why this person or studio doesn’t support this? Where this this rivalry come from? Why was there a confrontation between those people?

We all love to dance, but as I started to delve into the mindset of studio owners, event organizers and team members I started to understand the reason of why these confrontations happened and how can they be avoided.

Why this confrontations and rivalries arise?

If I am a studio owner, then other instructors and studios provide a monetary threat to my business. If other studio instructors have a “better” team/community/connections/etc. then they are a threat that in the long run may cause my studio or teachings to stop, the same is true for independent instructors, choreographers and event organizers.

If I am a team and/or studio member then I feel that my studio is the best, thus I want to promote it and let everyone know how awesome it is, I can’t stand when a third party criticizes my second home, even if they might be true.

If the other studio is better, that causes envy, hate and drama too!!

How so solve this rivalry and confrontation?

To create a healthy and thriving community that invites and excites new people to learn and dance the first place to start is with the main figures in the community, the studio owners and the figures that move people. Each individual has to understand the most communities have enough business for everybody, that there is no need to cannibalize each other’s students and team members.

If everybody in a community supports each other, the community will grow as a whole and more people will attend the events and classes of the scene, you can be part of a team, but you are not exclusive to attend that team’s events, and you shouldn’t you should see what other places offer and try to support the community.


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