Social Dancing vs Performing

Matamoros Salsa & Bachata Fest 16

I have heard a lot of people say that good social dancers can be good performers, but good performers a lot of times are not good social dancers.

I’ve also noticed that great performers are usually adored by everyone, even if their social dancing skills are not that great, the opposite is not true! Some amazing and crazy social dancers are sometimes just considered an average joe!  What are the differences? Which one is better? Let’s analyze the differences.


Requires lots of practice and repetition to get the steps right, you also need to focus on hitting the counts perfectly.

It makes you more confident and makes you work better under pressure! Performing in front of people is hard, but the more you do it the more comfortable you become with all aspects of your dancing.

Makes you commit to an objective and forces you to work in a team, this are essential life skill that social dancing doesn’t provide.

Social Dancing

Requires a lot of practice and repetition to get everything right as well, but if you mess up it’s not a big deal.

It makes you more confident! When starting out it gets you out of your comfort zone by forcing you to interact and socialize with strangers.

It forces you to adapt and improvise, this helps a lot in life as you never know what to expect.

From this it seems that both performing and social dancing are similar, to a certain degree this is true, the differences lie in what you learn and how they challenge you as a person.

In performing the tell you to have a strong frame and to go big! This is so that your dancing looks flashier and better to the public, meanwhile social dancing is the total opposite, you want to be small so that you don’t bump into fellow social dancers and the public should not matter when social dancing, only your partner.

At the end of the day it’s a matter of preference, personally I prefer social dancing but I try to perform from time to time just to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

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