Top 10 Performances of BIG 2015

Is that time of the year!! With one of the largest coverages Salsa con Son has made and over a 100 videos, here we present you our Top 10 performances from this awesome congress.

Before moving on we have to say that the Top 10 chosen here are from the performances we recorded, we missed the Sunday Performances, so no amazing collab between Juan Matos, Marco, Karel, Amneris, etc.

Also, this is our personal opinion, your favorite performance can be a different one and that is fine, here we are just talking about the ones we enjoyed the most.

11. Salsa y Control/Majesty in Motion

We are cheating right from the start… we are suckers for good footwork and this two performances were technically impressive and different! Salsa y Control was really well executed and very flavorful, Majesty in Motion was short but super sweet, a rush of adrenaline fueled by technical skill.

10. Yasbek and Maritza

A very different performance with a very playful song, It was fun, technical and entertaining, I loved when the song changed to Harmonica and the change they did to their movements.

9. Terry and Cecile

This song is one of my favorites of all time!! This was a very romantic and passionate performance, it wasn’t as impressive technically as others but you felt like you were in a theater watching a play! We highly enjoyed it, fun and sharp.

8. Jorge and Maritza

I’ve never heard this song before, I loved it! The song and performance evoked an old school feeling and was very fun to watch and hear, this couple has done amazing things, if you don’t know who they are search their videos right now!

7. Ernesto and Diana

A classic song with a great performance! Ernesto is an amazing dancer, this girl Diana apparently has seventeen years old… we can only say Wow!! She is an amazing dancer and we are looking forward to see her evolution in the dancing world.

6. Yenyere Caleno

Dancing with the Stars amazing team! Semeneya’s Monsters! This is an impressive performance that will make your hearth pop out of your chest, great tricks and an amazing and fun ending, loved it.

5. Marco and Karel

Everybody knows Karel Flores! Mexico’s favorite dancer and Yamulee’s former super star, Marco has an impressive resume as well, being one of the best well known instructors in Italy! This performance didn’t disappoint, it was fun, highly technical and with great tricks.

4. Yamulee Saturday Performance

This team needs no introduction, one of the best dance companies in the world, known for highly technical, fast and long performances! What made this performance special was the cameo of BIG’s organizer Oscar and her partner Danielle, really fun to watch and very unexpected.

3. Juan Matos and Amneris

We had the pleasure of watch this performances in Salsa Mambo Fest 2014, the song and performance is something very uncommon and different, this performance is very playful and technical, you can see Mr. Matos’s style all over it, a very fun performance!

2. BNF Tango

I think this was everyone’s favorite performance and with good reason! Highly technical, extremely complex and engaging, you just have to hear the standing ovation at the end of the video to see how much people loved this!! We loved it as well, it was AMAZING!

1. Alma Latina Saturday Performance

Here is the one that will create a lot of disagreements. A bachata performance in the 1st place? Winning over BNF, Yamulee and more? Well… this performance for us had everything! It was extremely engaging, it had great transitions, footwork and partner work. This performance was very fun to watch, many people will probably disagree with this one, but this one was our favorite of BIG 2015.

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