Top 10 Performances of BIG 2016

Yamulee BIG 16

It’s that time of the year again! Whenever we cover a major event we like to write about our Top 10 favorite performances of the event! This is a personal list and opinions are subjective! There were a lot more amazing performances. Without further ado! Here are our favorite performances for BIG Salsa Festival 2016.

10.- Mambo Oki

Legends! I am a sucker for shines routines, this performance had everything I love! Beautiful, classy music, complex and musical footwork, as well as sharpness! We hope to see more in the future from this awesome dance couple!

9.- Jorge & Maria

Straight from the Salsa Capital in Mexico! Oaxaca! Without a doubt one of the best couples in the planet, Jorge and Maria bring us this awesome routine and show us the talent from Mexico! Jorge is also the organizer of the Oaxaca Salsa and Bachata Festival! One of the best dance events in Mexico.

8.- Lee Rios and Marie

Seeemneeeyaaa!!! A super sexy routine with great tricks and musicality. Marie’s body movement is just amazing as well as Lee’s lead! One of the best dancers in Texas as well as organizer of BIG along with a rising star in the dance world! This routine was different and incredibly entertaining! One of our favorites.

7.- Alexis and Melissa

This Colombian couple is just WOW! This routine had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Fast, fun, technical and incredibly hard to execute! This year San Antonio brought their AAA game to BIG! One of the best new routines we have seen in a long while!

6.- Rafael and Carine

These couple have been world champions so many times already… and they keep amazing us with their fun routines! Great tricks, musicality, passion and technique made this a routine you don’t want to miss! This is what the best in the planet looks like.

5.- Mark and Kiri

One word: BEAUTIFUL. With mixes of contemporary and zouk this performance closed the Friday night shows. Very classy, full of passion and emotion. We loved this performance, Mark and Kiri are amazing dancers.

4.- Ricardo and Karen

The kings of the sky! Whenever they announce Ricardo and Karen, everybody knows that they are in for a treat. Musicality, strength, technique and tricks that defy gravity. Without a doubt an amazing performance.

3.- MG Dance

I remember seeing their bachata performance in Friday and thinking… why aren’t these guys closing the night? They are awesome! Their performance on Saturday was great! The music was fantastic, as well as the representation of it. I got the chills when the song changed to a super fast pace and they started doing fast partner work patterns! One of the best surprises from this event and a great performance.

2.- Yamulee

Yamulee is always amazing, with that being said… Special Guests Oscar and Jessica are machines!! Super sharp and on point. It looked like as if they had performed with Yamulee for years already. The performance is simply amazing as we are used from a Yamulee routine! One of the best performances of this event.

1.- Terry Tauliaut

Most performances are full of talent, tricks and incredible combinations. Terry focus on incredible musicality to bring us not a performance, but a play! He is acting on stage, all while doing one of the most fun and playful performances we have seen. This guy’s musicality is through the roof, our favorite performance of BIG Salsa Festival 2016.

What did you think of our list? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments what do you think.

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