10 Things Girls do on the Dance floor that Men Hate

social dancing

There are a million things girls say about leads on the dance floor, also there are a lot of articles out there that point out etiquette for dancing and other things, these are the things follows must avoid and that men hate when dancing!! The list goes from the least annoying to the most annoying thing a lady can do on the dance floor.

10.- Whiplash from wild hair, that stuff hurts

This is mostly a minor annoyance as men know the ladies doesn’t do it on purpose, still… wet hair seriously can pack a punch and hair in the eyes it’s not pretty, if you have long hair and are spinning a lot please do something with your hair unless you want to knock out the lead.

9.- Standing on the edge of the dance floor

For guys, specially beginners is really hard to gain the confidence to ask a lady to dance, when a lady is on the edge of the dance floor it’s usually because they want to dance, but sometimes the lady replies with an excuse. If you don’t feel like dancing the song because you are tired and need a breather, you don’t know how to dance and came with your friend or want to see how someone dances, at least do it afar from the edge of the dance floor. When someone stands there it’s usually because they want to dance.

8.- Letting go of the hook or letting go consciously

This is mostly for intermediate dancers and above, beginner dancers usually don’t do this as much. If it’s a move that it’s going to hurt you it’s understandable if you let go, but if you are dancing with a dancer with experience don’t let go. A lot of girls do this because they want to do shines and styling, please don’t do this, it’s rude.

7.- Dancing “big” in a crowded dance floor

The lead will be dead tired trying to keep the follower from being a hazard to the other dancers, other dancer will get mad because they keep getting bumped by the couple that has giant steps. If you see there is a lot of people on the dance floor keep your feet compact and try to dance within a given space, this also applies to showy leads.

6.- Stone faced follows

Smiling is not a weakness ladies.

5.- Back-leading

This is understandable in some cases, the follow knows the move and tries to do it by herself, sometimes they rush it, sometimes the lead wasn’t trying to do the move she back-leaded and that can be dangerous. Even if you know the move or the guy you are dancing with is a beginner try to understand the lead and NEVER back-lead.

4.- Leaning on the lead

The lead will have to give a ‘powerful’ connection to the floor just to be able to keep his balance and keep the follow from falling over. Sometimes the follow also grabs from the shoulders for leverage, which really again is dangerous if you’re doing things that make the couple and the dance less stable.

3.- Excessive Tension (Death-Grip) or Poor tension (Spaghetti Arms)

Poor tension makes for dangerous moves, follows need to have a firm grip in order for the lead to be able to make the necessary moves and make the dance attractive.

Death-Grip… Girls, never, never do this, Salsa is an elegant dance with flashy and beautiful movements, Death-Grips are ok for performances, but when the lead dances with you and he feels a cement hand it makes the dance incredible difficult and tiring, this also applies for aggressive leads that looks like they are trying to rip off the follows arm, remember, have resistance but not a Death-Grip

2.- Overstyling

Social Dancing and Performance are different things, when in a performance the more style you have the better. In a partner dance for the lead the most important thing is to enjoy the song and the dance, overstilying interferences with the lead and makes any dance really annoying. When done correctly styling looks amazing, when the follow over does it looks a little ridiculous.

1.- “I’m not enjoying this dance” face and giving a half-ash effort

This goes a little bit with the stone faced follows but it’s different. A stone faced follow can still be enjoying the dance but just not showing expression, the “I’m not enjoying this dance” face is a huge hit to self-confidence and makes the lead feel depressed. Givin a half-ash effort makes the lead wonder why did you even dance with him in the first place. If you don’t want to dance or are tired just say no, if you said yes and the lead is a beginner or not up to your level at least try to put a smile and put effort. Never make the “I’m not enjoying this dance” face and even if you are tired or something else is going on, understand that the lead is putting his effort to dance with you and make the dance enjoyable for your, he deserves your effort (unless he is a creep).

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