5 Tips that will Teach you how to Dance with a Girl

Here we present you with some tips that will make girls love dancing with you! they are general tips that you must take into account no matter what type of dance you are doing (ballroom, salsa, bachata, swing, etc.)

1. Be Presentable: No girl wants to dance with someone who looks like a homeless or has a bad smell (the same is true for guys). Always wear perfume, deodorant and try to dress appropriately for the occasion, even if you are not such a great dancer having good physical aspect and presentation will make all the girls love dancing with you.

2. Take care of her: What we mean like this is be aware of your space mostly, you don’t want her to bump into other couple, get stepped on or get elbowed! Observe your surroundings and act accordingly, try to maintain your space and be careful of not hitting her with your body.
Some girls feel like they are performing and they try to use the whole dance floor, in this case try to keep the dance as tight as you can and keep her close by leading with both hands.

3. Be Gentle: You are keeping her safe and you are dressed like a champ! Now she loves dancing with you right? You finish the dance and then you can see her hands trembling and her face of relief when the dance finished…
Maybe you are being a little rough? I see a lot of beginner and intermediate dancers pulling a little too much on the girl when they dance, if she can’t keep up with the timing you shouldn’t try to force a move. The dance should be calm and enjoyable, if the lady can’t keep up lower the level of the dance, it’s about having fun. You NEVER want to be rough with a lady. (it’s not always possible but try to keep it as much as you can)

4. Respect her Space: Ohh, that bachata starts and there is this girl you’ve been wanting to dance all night! The song starts and you start grinding on her, that is the worst think you can do. Some girls are ok with this, but if you see she doesn’t like it back away, respect her space. The same thing applies if she wants to keep doing shines or something like that, let her do her thing.

5. Practice: Yep, there is no other way. Girls will enjoy dancing with you more the better you are. Take classes and practice, this will make you a hit with the ladies!
By investing a short period of your time practicing it will show leadership & control and That right there amigos will put a smile on her face! Stay thirsty my friends the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in one day, so take one day at a time.

If you want to learn how to dance visit our online classes section, view or learn how to dance videos or send us a message in our facebook page for private lessons.

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