5 Traits of an Excellent Latin Music Dj

Salsa Dj

Being a Latin Music Dj is very different from being a regular Dj, there are a lot of little things the Dj needs to do in order to make the night a success. A great Dj will make the night incredible even if the mood is not great, a bad one will make the best congress feel like a night in a boring nightclub. Here we present you the traits that every aspiring Salsa Dj must aspire for.

1. Let the song end
This is a mistake every new Dj coming from a “regular” background always makes, salseros usually want to dance one song with the same person and then have some time to breathe, in this case they would sit through the next song. In some other cases they are not enjoying the dance and are just waiting for it to be over.
A lot of us feel very bad when we have to cut the dance with someone because the song is a never ending mix.

2. Wide Selection and Variety
There are some songs that are great! true classics of salsa and bachata… Salseros have heard them a million times, most songs from Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce and a lot of the more mainstream songs of Hector Lavoe and Celia Cruz have been heard to death, Djs must have a huuuge selection of songs that pump the audience.

3. Never play marathons
This goes hand to hand with No.1, but it’s different in the sense that there are some songs that take 20 min to end (think live performance arrangements and songs with a lot of Jazz sparks), no salsero can dance for that long without running out of moves or feeling bored after a while.

4. Read the mood
If there is a very pumped up mood and then the Dj plays a Kizomba… well, it’s going to kill the vibe, the same happens if there is a very sexy and romantic mood with bachatas and kizombas and then the Dj plays a super fast salsa.
Watch the audience, read what they want. Are there more salseros in the room? play more salsa, more bachateros? play more bachata.
It’s not about what the Dj wants, it must always be about the audience.

5. Keep things fresh
Don’t become that Dj who has 100 songs and plays that everywhere he goes… always have a new playlist ready and mix the genres according to the mood, a salsa here, a bachata there, don’t let things get stale!! As a good rule of thumb don’t play more than 3 songs of the same genre in a row (unless is salsa, lol).

That’s it for our tips, there is so much salsa, bachata and other types of latin genres all over the world that it’s impossible to run out of new music! Don’t be a lazy Dj and always reinvent yourself. Hope you enjoyed this tips


Salsa con Son


  • I was surprised by the suggestion to let the song end. When dancing at a club I would not have thought that the music stopping would make it a fun atmosphere. Would letting the song fade out count as letting the song end? Or does there need to be an abrupt stop to the music? I really enjoy the dancing and tend to move from partner to partner as the music goes. I guess this could be different for salseros.

    • Salsa con Son says:

      What we prefer is to let the song fade out and blend with the next one! That way the song ends and you can change dance partners but the atmosphere keeps going!

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