Becoming an Incredible Salsa Dancer – Part 1

Ataca y Magna at the salsa mambo fest

Practice makes perfect, everyone knows that. But in order to become an incredible salsa dancer, you still need to know what to practice!! If you practice the same things wrong over and over, you will be perfect at executing the same thing wrong over and over.

There are a lot of different styles, ways to learn, proper techniques and million of other things you can learn from everyone. A lot of times you can learn something from an instructor and then something totally different about the same move you learned. Does that mean that one instructor is wrong? sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s just a matter of having a different approach and both instructors are correct.

There is still some reference points you must know if you want to be a great dancer, here is a little list with what i think are the most important aspects to know if you want to be a better dancer.

1.-Timing: This is the single most important thing in any dance! If you are not even on time, it doesn’t matter how many moves you know or if you dance On1 or On2, it’s better to be a simple dancer with perfect timing than a dancer with million moves and horrible timing.

2.- Fundamentals: Know every little step, how to put your weight, where can you switch hands, how will your partner land, where can you execute a certain styling, where can you make a change of direction, where will you land. Remember, in order to break the rules, you have to know them.

3.- Resistance: No one wants to dance with a spaghetti or with an arm ripper. Find your perfect resistance, some people don’t use a lot of strength, other people prefer to have a firm grip. But never go to the extremes.

4.- Enjoying the Music: If you are not enjoying the dance and having fun, why do you even dance? The whole point on having to learn all the moves, all the techniques and everything it’s just to have fun, it doesn’t matter if you are not that great of a dancer or if you are Eddie Torres, you need to have fun.

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  • Juan says:

    Luv salsa , everything about it !! Wether it’s listening to the old school classics from Tito puente “mambo gozar” to Eddie palmieris ” Azucar” nothing compares .. My pops is a legend (I assume ) in his day but he never could teach how . Should I say he never had the patience to teach .. I’d luv to kill it in the club or wherever just like I do in front of my mirror , alone , but I want to murder the dance floor knowing what I’m doin with a partner of course !! Anyone you know that gives private lessons for cheap would be great !! Que vive la salsa papa !!

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