Best Places to go Salsa Dancing in Houston

TnD SalsaDura

One of the main cities in Texas and arguably the one with the best Salsa scene in the state, with socials and classes happening every day of the week! Here we give you some recommendations for great places to go dance and to take some salsa dance lessons in houston, all this information is based on personal experience and you should also be on the lookout of special events going on, in Houston it seems there’s almost always a dance event in a park, in a restaurant, club or even the universities!


Here is ground zero, Tropicana is where all the dancers go regardless of studio, level and/or age. There’s usually a good mix of music and dancers, you can find the best of Houston and the people that have just taken their first class. The best days to do Tropicana is usually Wednesday and over the weekends; just be mindful that this is a club so sometimes girls are not so open to dance with strangers (I experienced this first hand when I moved to Houston), but just keep asking and don’t let it get to you.

Fox Hollow

This is a pretty nice club that plays a lot of good bachata and has a good mix of international with Latin, the scene here is mostly beginner and intermediate but you’ll always find at least one or two awesome dancers in here! Fox Hollow is a great place to party, drink and dance. The best day to go dance here is probably Thursday.

Amaya Dance

Salomon is a great instructor and his classes are fun for all levels, he is very clean in his explanations and has over 15 years of experience dancing! One of Texas best dancers, so be sure to check out the lessons Amaya dance offers. Also, every two weeks they have a social called Amaya Sunday Funday that regularly has amazing guest instructors from all over their world, this event occurs Sunday and it’s always packed and filled with some of Houston finest! Makes you wonder if dancers do not work on Monday.


Multiple amazing instructors! from the world famous Jorjet, to the amazing Oscar Martinez, Danielle de Leon and more, you have some of the best instructors in the world teaching a variety of dance lessons. They also have events and social almost every weekend! You will always find great dancers in these socials, from special guests that come to teach to the local powerhouses! Be sure to check the SalsaDura social if you have the opportunity.

Culture Beat

Multiple dance lessons including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and more!! Great classes and multiple teams that always attend the socials! Culture Beat has a huge dance studio where everyone can dance, their socials are always packed and have all levels of dancers!! They also sometimes have guest instructors that provide some excellent lessons along their own instructors, be sure to check it out and go to one of their socials.

In Houston there’s more places to go dance! There’s a lot of other local studios like SSQQ and Omni Dance that have socials regularly, plus you have multiple congresses and amazing events through the years! One of the best places to go dance in the US! And remember, next time someone asks you for places to go salsa dancing in Houston send them this article!

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