Capezio Brite Lites – Salsa Dance Shoes

Capezio Brite Lites – Salsa Dance Shoes

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Buying dance shoes is not for me, whenever there’s a social I usually prefer to just take my flats and dance with them.

With that being said, something picked my interest from this dance shoes, the form factor is very unconventional and they look more like basketball shoes rather than dance shoes. They are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE!! When I tried them on i was wowed! The shoes are very soft and wide, giving plenty of space for your feet to breath.

The reason i normally don’t use dance shoes is that i get very tired and that usually dance shoes are very tight for my tamal feet, but that’s not a problem with this dance shoes, also, when compared to other dance shoes they are very affordable and can pass as regular sneakers if you feel like using them outside (We don’t recommend that)

Other things of note for this shoes are:

– The sole is made of plastic, so it requires proper maintenance in order to keep them as dance shoes.

– It’s surprisingly light, from the images people think it’s a heavy shoe, but actually it’s very comfortable and not heavy at all.

– Not made for “elegant” salsa events, this shoes are amazing for social dancing and to have a good time, but if you are going to an elegant salsa or bachata event you need to get a      different pair of shoes

– Did I mention how comfortable and cheap are?

Overall this dance shoe is great and will make you happy if you decide to get it, also it’s an unisex dance shoe!


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