Getting over your fear of Dancing in front of people

Salsa Mambo Fest 2014

We all have been there, social dancers, instructors, performers, beginners and everyone in-between.

Anxiety and fear take over us and we freeze, it can be at an important performance at a congress, when we ask an amazing dancer for a dance or just the first time we try to dance.

In here I will talk about why this happens to us and how to overcome this fear that everyone feels.

Fear is inherently a survival mechanism we human beings have, we used in the past to make us alert of our surroundings and make us run away from dangerous situations, therefore when we set foot on stage, dance with someone we consider to be a star o just set foot on the dance floor we feel that need to run and hide! First you need to understand that this is nature and no matter how experienced, old o prepared you are, you will always feel fear, what you must do is learn to overcome it.

Tip No.1

Only your opinion matters. For me what worked when I started dancing was telling myself that I needed to do it, I remember going to lessons and leaving halfway because I felt dumb, you need to understand that other people’s opinion does not matter and the only opinion that matters is the one coming from friends, family and most importantly, yourself! If people judge you because you can’t dance, let them do it, who cares, what they think of you does not affect you unless you let it affect you.

Tip No.2

See the end goal. If you can visualize yourself in how you want to dance and the point you want to reach you will learn that your fear is just a small stepping stone in the road to reach the point where you want to be!

Tip No.3

You will mess up. Whenever I perform I have come to the realization that life is sometimes messed up, sometimes you get everything you want and sometimes you don’t. I’ve forgotten multiple performances during my time dancing, and every time it is a horrible feeling, but I’ve learned that at the end it does not matter, life goes on; before I would keep beating my head telling myself that I was dumb for freezing, forgetting or other, now I just blow it off, say meh and move on with my life! It’s impossible to be perfect, and I believe that mistakes are way better than always being perfect, it makes you grow and if you overcome them you grow stronger.

Tip No.4

Get a Tequila shot. I’m not even joking here, if you can’t get Tequila a Whiskey shot will do as well.

A shot helps you get pumped, relaxed and gives you a wake-up call!! After taking the shot say to yourself let’s do this and walk forward to it! Just do it!

This was our last tip!!

Hopefully these tips can help you overcome your fear and can take you out of your comfort zone. Please let us know in the comments what other tips you would give to people that get fear when dancing! If you liked this article subscribe to our youtube channel and follow us in facebook and Instagram.

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