On1 or On2?

Magna y Rodrigo

There has always been a strong debate between On1 and On2.

What are the differences? Which one is better?

First let’s go over the differences

When dancing On1 beginners are told that there is a pause in beats 4 and 8, this is not entirely true as most experienced On1 dancers continue to move on those beats.

When dancing On2 your pauses fall on beat 1 and 5 and your 4th and 8th beat are in-between your movement.

A way to grasp this is by thinking of dancing On1 like a quick-quick-slow type of motion and dancing On2 as having a hold when you are in motion (4th and 8th beats). This takes us to the differences between On1 and On2, Timing and Movement.

Dancing On1 feels more energetic, being sharp and flashy. it focuses on the 1st beat, making it feel “sharper and faster”

Dancing On2 feels more musical and elegant, the break actions hit the 2nd beat of the Clave making it feel “like dancing in a cloud”

Basically it all comes down to preference and if you want to be a well rounded dancer focus on what you like but also be open to learning other styles, On1 and On2 aren’t the only salsa styles, there is also Cuban, Cali, Puerto Rican and probably some others. Whatever style you dance just remember to dance it correctly and while having fun.

So, which one is better? Here is Master Eddie Torres answering that question. Have fun while dancing!!


  • Panchito says:

    Mientras lo disfrutes, tu pareja lo disfrute y se la pasen super en la pista, eso es lo importante… Lo otro, es solo el Ego del bailarĂ­n…

  • Tavo says:

    No es ego ni nada de eso, hay una buena razon por la que los mejores bailarines prefieren on2.

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