The Top 5 Performances of 2014’s first half!!

Best Performances 2014 Part 1

We all have seen performances that make us yell WOOOOOW! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!

At Salsa Congresses that is what makes performers be stars and makes us want to be like them. Here are the Top 5 performances so far of this year!!
I just have to say, this is just a personal preference. If you have an amazing performance not listed here or don’t agree with our Top 5, share with us and show us what you think deserves to be the best!!

No 5. Art in Motion – Hanuman: It’s clean, It’s sexy, It’s Art in Motion! The music and moves really flow together!! A really classy and beautiful performance.

No 4. Island Touch – Loco de Amor: A lot of people prefer the choreography using the song by Romeo and Drake, but we like old school bachata!! And the musicality, footowrk and energy in this performance is amazing! Touch the WORLD!!

No 3. Jefferson y Adrianita: Cali Style World Champions show us the amazing things they can do!! …I still can’t follow that footwork

No 2. Kevin & Beverly – El Rey del Timbal: World Champions, Cali Style, 6 and 7 years old. This kids are amazing.

No 1. Tropical Gem – Diablo Rojo: Just watch this video…

What do you think of our choices? Did you enjoy them? Let us know and give us your suggestion in the comments

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