Top 10 Best Salsa Dancers in the World

Ricardo & Karen Best Salsa Dancers

Who are the best Salsa Dancers in the planet? With so many options it’s very hard to find a list that satisfies all tastes!! Here is our personal list for our favorite dancers in the planet. Do you agree with it? Who would you change?

10 – Karel Flores

One of the Maximum exponents of beauty in the Salsa World! This Mexican beauty was part of the world famous Yamulee Company where she became internationally known for her charm and incredible technique! Nowadays she travels the world along her partner Marco where she is still as amazing as ever! She also has a Karel Flores Teams in multiple cities around the globe where she teaches her amazing style and technique.

9 – Terry Tauliaut

This incredible social dancer took the world by storm, his incredible musicality, charisma and fascinating dance moves make him a favorite among Salsa Dancers. Every time someone sees Terry social dancing the only thing you can say is WOW! A creative genius with incredible talent and beautiful choreographies. His partner Cecile is out of this world as well.

8 – Karen Forcano

One of the most amazing performers in the globe for sure! Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano are a dancing duo that brings people from all over the planet to any event they attend! Rightly so, they are extremely incredible and talented, her spin technique and athletic ability is unmatched.

7 – Oliver Pineda

What can we say about Oliver that hasn’t been said before? More than 5 times World Champion should be enough to convey his talent, perfect and clean moves make him one of the most technically enjoyable social dancers to watch. If you want to have perfect technique and musicality, Oliver is a great model to follow.

6 – Juan Matos

The Pachanga King! Fun, irreverent and crazy!! Mr. Matos is one of the most respected figures in the dancing world, with the best dancers constantly taking lessons from him and asking for advice. One of the most entertaining performers and social dancers in the Latin dance world.

5 – Magna Gopal

Combining a mix of her own added style with body mechanics make her a very unorthodox and entertaining social dancer and excellent follow! She is also an incredible lead and Swing Dancer, adding to that the fact that she is considered the Spin Queen make her one of the best dancers in the planet without a doubt.

4 – Leon Rose

One of the best UK Dancers for sure. Funky, playful and with moves that make you ask… How did he do that? Leon has a very different style in all the sense of the word, his performances are classy and fun and his social dancing skills are amazing. Very charismatic and respected by all Salsa Dancers you can see why he is considered one of the best.

3 – Johnny Vazquez

The Prince of Salsa deserves his name! He was part of the Vazquez brothers who is still considered one of the best dance teams to ever grace the planet. Mr. Vazquez is one of the icons of the L.A. Style! Flashy, sharp, technical and with extremely showy moves he symbolizes what L.A. Style signifies!! His team Imperio Azteca is amazing as well!! One of our favorite Dancers.

2 – Griselle Ponce

The Mambo Diva! Former partner of the Mambo King itself and one of the most recognizable figures in the dancing world, full of energy and strength. Her technique, skills and social dance are top notch, we can see why she is at the top of the Salsa World.

1 – Eddie Torres

No other than the Mambo King itself, everything has been said about Mr. Eddie Torres. The most important figure for the Salsa World and the father of all contemporary Salsa dancers, dancing for more than over 20 years and still going on you can see why he is a living legend! Taking a class or talking with him is something that every Salsa Dancer should do in their lifetime.

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  • Bek says:

    Totally think Karel Flores is in a league of her own. None of the other ladies come close to her incredible ease and musicality, the others look forced and uptight, technically correct but missing spirit. The rest look like taught dancers whereas Karel looks like a total natural, it fills me with joy just watching her, nothing is uptight about her dancing, it is like the music is playing her. You can see in how she styles, it looks as though the music has triggered her core to shift, and her arms react to the ripple it sends out in a beautiful relaxed flourish. She is the most enjoyable to watch by a long shot. In my opinion of course!

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