Top 10 Marc Anthony Salsa Songs

Marc!! What are the best songs for this incredible artist?

When you ask a non-salsero about salsa, the first artist that pops to mind is Marc Anthony! Being the top selling salsa artist of all time and multiple times Grammy winner he is an incredible singer with multiple great songs that contribute to salsa music!!

Most salseros have heard his songs a million times and may be bored with them, even then this songs are anthems for latin music and salseros all over the world.

10. Flor palida

Let’s start this list with one of Marc’s newest singles! Flor Palida is a beautiful song that talks about him finding a beautiful flower and providing care and love to it, talking about how he is the owner of this flower (I am guessing the flower is an analogy about a beautiful woman based on the lyrics).

The original version of this song was originally from Cuban singer and composer Polo Montañez, the newest version was modified and arranged by the American musician Sergio George.

While Polo Montañez version had a more “bolero” style vive, Marc’s version provides a relaxing and calm sound mixed with his signature upbeat and beautiful style.

9. Tu amor me hace bien

One of the singles from the album “Amar sin Mentiras” realeased in 2004, the album won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album.

This is a beautiful song that talks about what love has done to him, how ever little detail in a relationship makes him happy, this song was probably written in a period of time when Marc was deeply in love with Jennifer Lopez.

8. Y hubo alguien

Part of Marc’s album from 1997 Contra la Corriente, winner of multiple awards and the first salsa ever to be #1 in the Top Latin Tracks charts, a song written by Omar Alfanno.

This was one of Marc’s pioneering songs in the salsa genre.

The lyrics talk about a lost love that broke his hearth, how a new love took the place of the old love and after a long period of time that lost love tried to return when there was no more space in his hearth for her.

7. I need to know

This is not a salsa song… but it’s so catchy and a song that a lot of salseros have heard as well, it had to be on this list!

This is the only song in this list that is not in spanish and it’s also a cha cha cha to boot, very catchy and rhythmic song. Released in 1999 for the album I need to know, composed and produced by Cory Ronney along Marc Anthony. The lyrics of this song talk about rumors about the feeling of a lady for the singer, in reaction the singers has a desire to know her feelings. Marc recorded a version of this song in spanish as well, called “Dimelo”.

This song was critically acclaimed and received praise as a song that appealed Latino and Anglo communities.

6. Ahora quien

Part of the album Amar sin Mentiras released in 2004, the album won a Latin Grammy in 2005 for Best Latin Pop Album, this son it one of the most iconic songs from the album alongside with “Valio la Pena”

The song talks about a lost love and the heart pain that the singer suffers thinking about how his lost love will go with someone else, he fears not being able to be with his lost love anymore and thinking about her being with another man makes him suffer.

5. Yo tambien

This song is kind of cheating… it’s not really a Marc Anthony song, it is a collaboration between the king of bachata Romeo Santos and Marc Anthony for Romeo’s album Formula, Vol. 2 released in 2015

It’s really rare to see Romeo singing salsa, this duet shows a different side of that incredible artist while showing off the incredible singer that Marc Anthony is.

The song is kind of a face-off between Romeo and Marc as they state their points and compete against each other for the love of a woman.

4. Vivir lo nuestro

Part of La India’s (La Princesa de la Salsa) album Dicen que Soy from 1994, both being Grammy nominated artists and huge contemporary exponents of salsa over the world.

The voice of both singers complement each other and provide the song with a very characteristic strength and rhythm not found in any other Marc Anthony song, this was also one of the first incursions of Marc in the world of salsa.

3. Vivir mi vida

Every real salsero is sick of this song… With that being said, the first time everyone heard this song everone loved it! It’s catchy, happy and makes you happy! The album 3.0 that included this song was Marc’s comeback to salsa after 10 years, the album was nominated as Album of the Year and won Best Salsa Album at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards.

This song and the album mark a comeback in Marc Anthony’s career, after multiple love and life problems. It’s a great song, even if it had been repeated to death in all clubs…

2. Nadie como Ella

One of the best salsa songs there are, played by every known Dj around the world. Part of the album Todo a su tiempo, the most emblematic song from that album and a song that marked his career and won the hearths of million of salseros.

Upbeat, catchy and full of love!! A song talking about a great love and how no one can compare to the woman he loves, a must have song in any salsero’s playlist.

1. Valio la pena

The album Amar sin Mentiras was re-recorded and made into a salsa version, Valio la Pena is the salsa version of that album; winning multiple awards and being considered the Best Salsa Album of 2005 in the Latin Grammy Awards, this song is without a doubt the best song from that album and a song that is synonymous with the Marc Anthony, the most recognizable salsa song he has provided to the world and an anthem for all salseros over the world.

Fast, catchy, hot!! An amazing song and our choice for the best March Anthony song.






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