Top 10 Peformances of BIG Salsa Festival 2014

BIG Salsa Festival 2014

11 Jose & Vanessa

This is a honorable mention!! This performance was full of energy and amazing tricks. I’ve never had the pleasure of watching this couple before and wow! I was amazed.

10 Cindi Uribe

Sassy, Classy and Clean. This was a long performance that had a lot of flashes that made if really fun!! Very musical and entertaining performance.

9 Lee & Marcela

I’ve never seen this lady perform before and It was a blast!! Incredibly fun performance alongside the already incredible Lee Rios! And this wasn’t event their only performance.

8 Lisa & Anthony

Lisa can spin!! Very upbeat performance fast, fun and spins!! Both were always smiling and you can see how much work their performance had, it was really nice!

7 Xango

This performance had a very Yamulee feeling. Nothing super flashy but it was clean, fast and sharp. The song was fun and overall a very, very good performance. Loved it!

6 Oliver Pineda

This guy is so musical… In Salsa con Son we have the videos of all the performances. Everytime I see the video of Oliver’s performance I discover something new. A beat he hits that I hadn’t seen before, a movement that goes accordingly, incredible performance

5 Majesty in Motion

The song choice is very important!! The song for this performance was something very different, the performance didn’t have crazy tosses or anything but It was sharp, clean, musical and really, really entertaining!!

4 Yenyere Semeneya

Marcela, Lee and the other members from Yenyere had multiple performances over the weekend, this performance specially was incredibly entertaining and made the audience very involved. The ending was really playful and fun.

3 Yamulee

Yamulee is Yamulee… I noticed a few of new faces in this Yamulee that I hadn’t seen perform before.

The song choice “nel blu dipinto di blu” in a salsa and Spanish version is something I’ve never heard before, their choice of clothes and choreography style goes very accordingly with the song. Yamulee’s performances are always a blast to watch

2 Terry & Cecile

The amazing due performed for a classical music song, It was amazing acting combined with musicality and dancing!! It cannot be defined as a typical salsa performance. Because of the really amazing performance and originality It was one of our favorites.

1 Rodrigo & Selene

I have seen this performance at least 20 times, youtube, live, links people post in facebook. Still It’s an amazing performance and is a totally different feeling watching it LIVE. This performance Is Amazing and you can see why they are called Los Anormales!!

What did you think of our list? Did you think we missed a performance or do you think another performance should have placed higher? this list is our humble preference, let us know in the comments what you think and your Top 10!!

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