Top 10 Performances of BIG 2017

Join us for another edition of our favorite performances of BIG Salsa Festival!! This event is probably one of our favorite congresses in the world!! Great instructors, perfect organization and amazing dancing!! Everything going on in the beautiful city of San Antonio! Here is our Top 10 performances of BIG 2017!!

10 – Juan Matos y Adolfo Indacoachea

Two legends performing an amazing shines routine! It’s fun and you can see each dancer’s individual’s style shine!! Highly technical and challenging, but still fun and musical!

9 – Ernesto y Maritza

I really, really, really dig this routine! The chahacha world champions show us their amazing musicality! You don’t need tricks or try to be super flashy, you just need flavor, fun with a unique and charismatic style. I also love the jam

8 – Marc Brewer and Kiri Chapman

Beautiful, classy and romantic! These couple makes tricks look effortless, this routine was beautiful, highly technical and just amazing.

7 – Marco y Karel

This couple is fire!! High energy, great footwork and awesome tricks, combined with a long and exhausting routine! The music is awesome and the routine is fun! We love this routine.

6 – MG Dance

These guys are always amazing! They are classy, highly technical and super fun! We love them and their choice of music, one of the most entertaining routines of this event.

5 – Gio y Gaby

A very pleasant surprise, I remember seeing them at Euroson and thinking WOW!! I didn’t recognize them at first when they announced them but as soon as they started it gave me the chills, these guys are insane, Mexico keeps producing world class talent.

4 – Ansima

What a collaboration!! This amazing team’s skill is off the charts! Karel Flores and Marco Ferrigno are monsters, Tasha Tia is one of our favorite dancers as well, this collab was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise.

3 – Melissa Kruz + Partners

Wow, just wow… This girl is on fire!! She performed 3 TIMES in the same night, all her performances were amazing and incredibly challenging, with some very famous dancers! She has amazing talent and we are so glad to have witnessed these performances live.

2 – Yamulee

Yamuleeeeee!!! No need to introduce these masters, one of the best teams in the world! Magnificent!

1 – Ricardo y Karen

The hottest dance couple in the planet, always with death defying tricks and amazing routines, they never disappoint!! Ricardo and Karen are the best

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