Top 10 Romeo Santos Bachata Songs

romeo santos

The King of Bachata!! The King stays king, here we present you the very best songs of Romeo, every Bachata lover around the world must know this song and I can tell from experience that a lot of dancers may even be sick of hearing these songs over and over, even then they are amazing songs!!

*This list does not include Aventura’s Songs, just songs that feature Romeo in his solo career.

Here is are the Best Songs Romeo has to offer:

Honorable Mentions:

Frio Frio – Juan Luis Guerra ft Romeo Santos
Loco – Enrique Iglesias ft Romeo Santos
Su Veneno – Aventura, Mi Corazonsito (Not just Romeo, but an awesome jam)
Yo Tambien – Romeo Santos ft Marc Anthony

10 – Animales

A song with one of music’s biggest idols Nikki Minaj, the song possesses some electronic components with catchy and fun lyrics, the song is something totally different from what we are used from Romeo.

9 – Fui a Jamaica

Part of the album Formula Vol. 2, an awesome album full of duets and great musicians! This song stands out to due to the reggae style it possesses and the smooth and soft vibe of the song, very unlike Romeo’s style.

8 – Odio ft Drake

Two huge names in the music industry came together to make this awesome song, you can feel the confrontation between both singers, the song is catchy, fun and really fun! We are sure you’ve heard this song; they play it everywhere.

7 – La Diabla ft Tomatito

We love the lyrics of this song! He played against the best and he lost, he would fall for her again! Very strong and passionate lyrics along with incredible music, awesome song to be jamming in the car!

6 – Promise ft Usher

Slow, classy and with an awesome collab with Usher! What’s not to love about this song? Coming from his debut album Formula, Vol 1 full of awesome artists. This song received a lot of press and acclaim, we can hear why! It’s a great song that mixes R&B with classical bachata, this song reached the top in the Billboard Latin Chart, showing its popularity.

5 – Soberbio

Daaaamn!! An awesome heartbreak song, the music and instruments are incredible, the stops, changes and lyrics blend together to make one of our favorite Romeo songs, I don’t understand the part about his grandpa… with that being said, the song is full of passion and hearth, also the guitar solo gives us the chills.

4 – 7 Dias

This song is the total opposite of Soberbio, a love story from a playboy! Romeo proceeds to sing how will she marry this girl in seven days, we love this song! Beautiful music and changes in the tempo. The lyrics are very flirty and romantic, we are sure most girls would love to have this song dedicated by Romeo.

3 – Propuesta Indecente

A major hit of Romeo! If you dance bachata you’ve heard this song a million times.
One of the best he has to offer, the music and the instruments is just amazing, the lyrics are super sensual and take you to a different world, that Tango like style fits the song perfectly. A masterpiece.

2 – Cancioncitas de Amor

This is THE HEARTBREAK SONG!! Amazing musical composition, great depressing lyrics (lol) and a great voice to accompany everything, I have to admit, this is my go-to song to cry!! This is bachata, all about lost love! One of Romeo’s finest without a doubt.

1 – Debate de 4

Only the King could bring the best bachata artists together! This song is simply Amazing!! Luis Vargas, Raulin Rodriguez and Anthony Santos together with Romeo, the biggest exponents of bachata in one Incredible song, when the four of them sing it gives me the chills. This song is without a doubt our favorite Romeo song!!

This list is a personal preference, what are your favorite songs from Romeo? Let us know in the comments, what would you like us to talk about next?

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