Top 3 Very Fine Dance Shoes for Ladies


Very Fine dance shoes is a brand that many latin dancers start with, they have a wider variety of shoes that provide comfort and high quality. After dancing for a while ladies discover more “Dancer” brands like Ballo, Burju to name a few. After using other brands I discovered a lot of them were lacking and I ended coming back to Very Fine, they have a great mix of comfort, beauty and price! Here are our top 5 Very Fine Dance Shoes.

1. The EK16612 Ballroom Dance Shoes in Black Nubuck & Black Mesh

This shoes are classy and great for any occasion, we prefer the Black Nubuck & Black Mesh color selection from all the ones in this model because of the look that they get, very elegant. This dance shoes are compact and very soft! this can be a good and a bad thing. They are easy to carry and great to wear, but the softness makes the shoe wear a little fast and a long night of dancing will have consequences, especially with the 2.5 high inch heel.


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2. Competitive Dancer Series CD3027

As the name says, this shoes stand out! they are great for performances, during social events they look elegant and flashy. They are very comfortable, with a thick padding to reduce deformation and absorb impacts, the padding is also thicker than other dance shoes and the makers claim that it lasts 10 times more than other brands. Perfect to perform tricks and fast footwork!! This shoes are our choice if you are a performer and want something elegant that will improve it.

CD3027 dance shoes

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3. EKCD3026 in White Color

This is a slightly risqué type of shoe! with a very mature and sexy style that looks great in all varieties of colors offered. We prefer the white one because of the classy look it projects, this type of dance shoe is perfect for a night out at a club or with a long white dress for an elegant night, they are comfortable and feel really well made.
This shoe is part of the Competitive Dancer Series as well, this series is focused more on performers but they are great social dancing shoes as well.

EKCD3026 dance shoes

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