Top 5 Female Salsa Dancers in the world

Griselle Ponce

1 Griselle Ponce – The Salsa Queen, former mambo king Eddie Torres dance partner, she danced and trained with salsa legend Ismael Otero since she was 16! salsera extraordinaire!! Her dancing style is strong, precise and sexy. Her performances are a footwork pleasure, and to boot she is one of the best instructors in the world.

2 Magna Gopal – Spinning Queen, Indian Genious!! Known around the world for her incredible improvisations in the dance floor and spinning ability. Her teaching style it’s also one of the best in the world, breaking down simple patterns and making them extremely simple to understand. She was also self-taught.

3 Alien Ramirez – Multiple times world champion an incredible dancer that can dance anything. She is well known for her body movements, she is sexy and sassy. She is an incredibly acrobatic dancer whose styling and isolation classes are well known.

4 Ana Masacote – The Best Follower in the world, she possess a strong, smart and natural dance style that wows any person she dances with. Her dance school Masacote Dance, co-founded with her husband is well known around the world and is considered one of the best places to learn latin dances around the world.

5 Shani Talmor – When the former partners of a dancer are Jhonny Vazquez and Ismael Otero and the Mambo King itself, you can be sure she is going to be an incredible dancer. Performer extraordinaire, Social Dancer extraordinaire, Shani is set to become the next Salsa Queen.

Honorable mentions: Karel Flores, Amneris Martinez, Karen Forcano, Luda Kroitor, Emily Alabi


  • Francisco Meceb says:

    Falta la bellísima Karel Flores y Serena Cuevas… Una super salsera!!

  • Danny says:

    Respectfully speaking, I also think Ahtoy WonPat-Borja should be on this list. She made her bones with Santo Rico so you know she can throw down but now as a co-founder of Baila Society, she’s been able to spread her wings combine pura salsa with her natural elegance and grace to create her own sophisticated style.

    btw – I’ve danced with most of women on this list and her ability to follow is second to none.

    • Salsa con Son says:

      Ohhh! Athoy Is totally Amazing!! Here classes are out of this world, as we said the competition is fierce and a case could be made as well for Karen Forcano & Paulina Posadas. This list is just for fun, maybe in the near future we would do another list of amazing Female Dancers

    • csars777 says:

      Ahtoy, came up right away into my mind as one to add to the list. They should have made this a top ten list instead… and the order would have had little meaning in my view.

      • Salsa con Son says:

        We agree! This list was just as a fun post to highlight great dancers. Athoy is really incredible, Santo Rico, BaSo!! She has an amazing curriculum and her classes are amazing

  • CR says:

    You missed two of the best female salsa dancers: Jorjet and Burju. Both amazing social dancers and performers.

  • Jason says:

    you left Kimberli Flores off this list she helped start Karisma, she was part of Santo Rico, she danced with Eddie Torres, Juan matos, Jason Molina, she helped train some of the people on your list. She has not performed in a few years but ask around she was amazing she had a group of girls that followed her all over the world. I am glad I got to see her dance many times in person.

    • Salsa con Son says:

      I was recently informed of her, we haven’t been around for long so we miss some of the old-school amazing dancers. We’ve been doing some research on her and wow… she deserves to be in the list, we are going to update this list in the future and she is a strong contender.

  • Larry says:

    Shani Talmor – she is GOING TO BE an incredible dancer?

  • Salsa member says:

    this list is far from reality…you can publish ‘ top female dancer of our website ‘ not of the world..far from reality!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Salsa con Son says:

      It’s a matter of opinion, each person Top Female dancers differ. Some people don’t even consider Magna or Griselle in their Top 10

  • Jon gianelos says:

    you missed a lot of amazing dancers and u honoured Luda for her salsa! That’s a joke… Shani is nothing special either..
    What about Anita Santos, Vali Damaskou, Emily Alabi? Amazing Salsa dancers on and off stage.

    • Salsa con Son says:

      This list was just to show incredible dancers, of course there is going to be some conflict. Luda’s salsa is really good, 5 times world champion back her up. ANita, Vali and Emily are out of this world as well, Shani was Eddie Torres partner and she has performed at concerts for incredible celebrities. She deserves to be in the list

  • Steve says:

    Where are Zulmara Torres, Gabby Equiz-Jasso, and Olivia Dasso?

  • Edward says:

    If I ever have a little boy i also will name him after Grizzly Adams. My little grl, however, will be named after “Aliens” which, imo, isn’t nearly as good as the first movie.

    I’m also considering changing my last name to “Spanish Harlem Orquestra” or maybe “Jefferson Starship.”

  • Michał says:

    in my opinion the greatest missing of talent:Melisa Sahra Katilmis

  • Ismael says:

    I trained and danced with Griselle since she was 16 and all you can put is she was an Eddie Torres Dancer? At least I was mentioned in Shani’s profile

    • Salsa con Son says:

      We are deeply sorry If this offended you Mr. Otero, we know you are an incredible dancer and one of the best instructors on the planet. We haven’t been around for long so we miss some facts from time to time, we will correct our mistake, feel free to re-read Griselle’s section

  • Flor says:

    I would of really liked to see Tania Cannarsa on the list. Check her out on dancing with Adolfo Indacochea.

  • Israel Diaz says:

    I am glad someone has recognized Ana Mazacote. She is the best female salsa dancer that I have ever seen. What makes her special is her ability to improvise on the spot and add flair to anyone she dances with.

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