Top 5 Male Salsa Dancers in the World

Eddie Torres

This list is not a definitive list. Dancing is an art, so there is no definition of “best”. This list is just a matter of taste along with what this incredible dancers contributed to the salsa world.

0 Eddie Torres – Everybody who loves salsa knows the Mambo King, and everyone knows that salsa wouldn’t exist as it is today without him. As such he will not be included in this list, we all know he is the best dancer in the planet and the father of Salsa dancing.

1 Frankie Martinez – A speed demon!! You can barely see his feet when he is doing a performance, incredible, flashy and cocky!! An incredible dancer that developed his own style: Afro-Latin Funk. He teaches his preferred style at his company Abakua.

2 Juan Matos – His nickname “Pachanga” is referred to the dance style he developed and that it’s now part of the salsa culture around the world. You can spot Juan “Pachanga” Matos dancing from a mile away!! His style is so unique, just like his performances.

3 Jhonny Vazquez – The “L.A. King” and maximum exponent of On1 dancing, he shaped and built a generation of incredible On1 dancers. He possess a very peculiar and fun style in his social dancing focused more on showmanship.

4 Oliver Pineda – Precision, precision, precision. Every social dance you see from Oliver Pineda looks like a performance, perfect moves. 6 Times Salsa World Champion and the dad of the salsa scene in Australia. His dance company Latin Motion is world known.

5 David Zepeda – 4 Times Salsa World Champion and one of Mexico’s biggest salsa stars, this one took the Salsa World by storm alongside her partner Paulina Posadas. His performances and social dancing are a pleasure to watch and make everyone Wow!!

Honorable Mention: Cristian Oviedo, Shaka Brown,Terry Tauliaut, Leon Rose, Adrian Arellano, Adolfo Indacochea, Maykel Fonts


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